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Ely DEF runs events that are open to all, with the aim of fostering fellowship and contributing to the wider life of the Church. We maintain an e-mail list that advertises these events, which you can join below.

As a local association of the Church of England Evangelical Council, we also have a formal membership with a basis of faith (which is that of CEEC). You can read this on the Basis of Faith page. We also charge a small subscription to cover the expenses of the DEF, this is £10 per year (waived for ordinands and curates).

If you'd like to sign up for the e-mail list or to become a member, you can do so here.

Rev. Robert Slipper (Chair) - Vicar of Terrington St Clement
Sarah Robinson (Treasurer) - St Andrew the Great

Rev. Tim Smith (Acting Secretary) - Associate Vicar of St Barnabas Cambridge

Find Out More or Join

You can use the form below to join our e-mail list or to sign up to be a member.

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If you'd like to become a member, please could you confirm the following (this is not necessary to join the mailing list):

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It is possible to pay subscription fees to the DEF via bank transfer (to the account below).

Account Name: Ely DEF (Full name is Ely Diocesan Evangelical Fellowship)

Sort code: 40-16-08

Account Number: 54615808

It will make it much easier for us to process the payments if you could include a reference with you surname, initial and the word “sub” (e.g. “Smith J sub”).

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